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Meet your coach, Nique Lynn

Hey, Boss Lady!


I'm a professional braider, salon owner, YouTube creator, and Business Coach. I always loved braiding, and what I learned over my 5+ years in the industry is that the road from Braider to BOSS is certainly a journey! 

I learned how to braid at the tender age of 10 years old. Now, I help fellow braiders turn their passion into a flourishing businesses through my YouTube channel and my live online classes.

My braiding journey has led me to be featured in and work with magazines, TV networks, and brand collaborations!
Here are some just to name a  few!


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some of the freebies I created that may be helpful to you:

The Braider To Boss Roadmap

is the exact steps that I used to turn my past-time into a flourishing business! In this guide, I will provide you with a checklist of the 4 stages of building your braid business!


7 "Must-Have" Qualities Of A Great Braider

is a motivational read wherein I will walk you through some of the qualities that have not only made me a great braider but an even better woman!


50 Hook Ideas

is a collection of captivating and proven hook ideas designed to capture attention, connect with your audience, and enhance the overall impact of your braiding business on social media.


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